Jean Monnet Action


The action aims at fostering communication capacity in disseminating EU studies by collecting, capitalising and diversifying information on specific integration subjects. The following activities will be carried out: to organise one conference a year on EU subjects aiming at providing greater visibility to EU studies; to publish conference papers in "European Studies" Journal to be distributed for free; to organise lectures by ECSA-Moldova professors on EU subjects with high school students for fostering new debating approaches on European integration; to publish leaflets on EU subjects to be distributed for free at lectures with high school students; to set up a web page dedicated to action's activities; to organise ECSA-Moldova annual board meeting; to participate in dissemination, communication and information events at national and European level. The results consider disseminated information and knowledge on EU subjects; increased interest in understanding European integration; increased opportunities for ECSA-Moldova professors for communicating and developing EU studies; increased capacity for ECSA-Moldova to research, inform and communicate on EU subjects; increased allocation of resources for research and communication on EU subjects within ECSA-Moldova; committed ECSA-Moldova professors in promoting European studies and values; improved intra- and inter-society cooperation communication on the EU. The products focus on published selected papers in the "European Studies"; published promotional leaflets on EU topics; set up of a web page dedicated to project's activities. Envisaged impact follows a greater academic and public awareness about European integration; activities and resources that can be disseminated and exploited beyond the directly and indirectly involved beneficiaries in producing new outcomes; stakeholders promoting European and international networking in EU studies.

Priorities and topics addressed

Supporting the production and adoption of Open Educational Resources in diverse European languages;
Facilitating the validation of non-formal and informal learning and its permeability with formal education pathways.

The content is linked to

  • ICT - new technologies - digital competences;
  • Regional dimension and cooperation;
  • Open and distance learning.


  • promote excellence in teaching and research in EU studies
  • equip students and young professionals with knowledge of European Union subjects relevant for their academic and professional lives and enhance their civic skills;
  • foster the dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers, in particular to enhance governance of EU policies;
  • promote innovation in teaching and research (e.g. cross-sectoral and/or multi-disciplinary studies, open education, networking with other institutions);
  • provides through the statutory activities of the applicant organisation greater visibility to European Union subjects;
  • publicizes European Union facts among a wider public enhancing active citizenship.
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